About us


We have been dedicated to empower users to express their uniqueness through photos and videos since 2009.

With 7 years of expertise at hand, we bring the technology of professionals to broadest set of users by making our apps simple and easy-to-use even for beginners.


Founded by a serial entrepreneur Sejoong Kim, JellyBus has made a number of photography apps that hit the top charts all over the globe from Asia to Americas.


Beyond photo editing, we envision to build a new paradigm of communication through media.

Starting with photos, then eventually to videos, our focus will be on empowering individual users to vividly illustrate their stories in a way that is unbelievably simple and fun.


Ultimately we anticipate to become the mobile media company that allows the communication of billions of precious stories held by each user.

Sejoong Kim

CEO, Founder

Junweon Park

Vice President

Sangbum Jung

Software Engineering

Noori Lee

Head of Product Design

HeeJung Kim

General Manager

Jeonghyeon Kim

Product Team Manager

Sangmin Kim

Software Engineer

Seryeong Nam

Product Designer

Daewoong Park

Software Engineer

Changbin Joo

Software Engineer

YoungWon Shin

Product Designer

Kiho Sung

Software Engineer

Duhyun Lee


Mike Chi